Why Going Eco Is Easier Than You Think

Why Going Eco Is Easier Than You Think


Going eco is easier than you may think. It’s not about buying a whole new wardrobe or even repurposing your already existing items (although I highly recommend you indulge your creative side). No, going eco is easier because it relies on shopping your own closet, connecting with friends, meeting locals, and wearing high quality pieces that last a lifetime. Here’s how to do it.

1. Shop Your Closet

I’m guilty of having clothing with the tags still on it. It wasn’t until this last year when I finally unboxed and organized all my clothing, shoes and accessories that I realized just how much I had. By sifting through everything it gave me an appreciation for what I already owned and why I loved these pieces in the first place. These shorts from Misguided (similar here & here) from several years ago were something I used to wear all the time but eventually got lost in all the clutter. By organizing your stuff you can find what you love and breathe new life into it with a new outfit pairing.

2. Connect with Friends

Clothing swaps whether borrowed or gifted are always a great time. It’s a great way to meet up with friends – without spending money or doing the usual night out – and makes going eco easier because you are giving new purpose to a garment that might otherwise just be discarded. This Marc Jacobs bag (similar here) was given to me a few years back from a dear friend who thought this particular color yellow wasn’t for her. I have loved it and used it since through every season.

3. Meet the locals

This applies in two senses. The first concerns thrifting. Get out into your neighborhood and see what everyone is giving up! You never know what you might find on the racks. Secondly, when I travel I collect handmade or locally produced goods. I actively seek out the maker and learn their story. These Huarache sandals were picked up when I was in Guatemala. I got to watch how they were made and enjoyed hearing about how their little shop not only supported their family but the community as well.

4. Adding to your closet

If you’ve exhausted shopping your own closet, thrifting, buying locally, and swapping with friends but you’re still looking for that one item look for quality and ethics. As an eco blogger I’m not immune to trends but make a rule of only adding one trendy piece per season while keeping quality and ethics in mind. Going eco is easier when you put an emphasis on materials. This shirt is from ASOS Green Room which has a curated collection of brands focused on ethically produced clothing. You can read their commitment here.

Still looking for some eco shopping options? Check out the new shop page for recommendations and some amazing companies.

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