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Environmental Impact of PPE is Mounting. What Can Be Done About It?

Take a walk outside and you’re likely to see masks, gloves, or disposable sanitary wipes scattered about the ground. What began as a sign of due diligence to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 is now causing concern among many about the mounting environmental impact of PPE (personal protective equipment). 

10 Million Enslaved in Bondage Labor Worldwide

In March 2016 police forces and local authorities launched one of the biggest raids on brick kiln factories in southern India freeing 546 workers. The operation was part of ongoing efforts to find and liberate workers duped into bondage labor. The mission shed light internationally on the estimated 10 million people worldwide still working under the modern system of slavery known as bondage labor, a tentacle of forced labor.

Examining the Challenges, Future & Benefits of Fair Trade

In 1998 Paul Rice founded Fair Trade USA with the mission to provide quality consumer products without compromising social, environmental, or economic standards. Since that time Fair Trade USA has grown from focusing on coffee to now include apparel, food, and home goods. While Fair Trade continues to see consumer demand rise that doesn’t mean growth comes without its challenges.

Empathy for Earth – Can Empathy Save Us

The importance of empathy towards the natural world cannot be overstated when it comes to addressing climate change and living sustainably. When we feel connected to and concerned about the environment, taking steps to reduce our own environmental impact and supporting policies that address climate change are greater. Some scientists contend that the likelihood of recycling, using public transportation, and reducing energy consumption might be higher for people who feel more empathy for the natural world. 

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Breaking Down the ESG Umbrella with Economist Rocco Ciciretti

When it comes to sustainable investing and understanding the future of corporate reporting many of us are understandably lost. Environmental, Social & Governance ratings are a relatively new phenomenon and as Dr. Rocco Ciciretti points out there’s still a lot to learn for consumers, investors, and for the corporations themselves. I had the great pleasure of having Dr. Rocco Ciciretti as an economics professor years ago so when I started to delve into this topic I reach out to gain a better understanding.

Behind the Label: Boston Bag Company

Timeless, classic, and elegant. Boston Bag Company is doing it right.

Intrinsic Bonds: An Interview with Renli Su

“[I want to create] garments that retain physical traces of their past in order to form an intrinsic bond with the weaver”

-Renli Su

An Instant Connection: Interview with Veronika Vimpelova

“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.”
― W. Somerset Maugham