What I Wore (Iceland)

What I Wore (Iceland)


Lengthy lists were written detailing the most minute necessities: three pairs of socks, two pencils. spare batteries, rope.”
― Barbara Hodgson, The Tattooed Map

Packing is something that I have learned over the years. I’m not a naturally organized person so putting outfits together ahead of time doesn’t come easy. However, there is some serious benefits to being organized before you leave. This was the first trip where I laid out my clothing and accessories and carefully selected each piece. It made the entire trip so much more enjoyable as I wasn’t wondering what to wear each day. Here are a couple of the outfits I chose. A lot are repeats from this winter, it was pretty cold,  with a few new pieces added in!

Day One: I chose a Tory Burch mock turtleneck from their winter collectionand a pair of JCrew straight legged pant. They are very similar to the current Martie Pant. I paired them with a pair of Alligator flats from Brooks Brothers, a cross body bag I picked up from Marshalls, Mulberry Scarf (similar), and a rain coat from REI. I always wore a long sleeve basic shirt and nylons underneath everything! It was pretty cold.


Day Two: I was still in Reykjavik which meant I could wear none hiking attire :). I only packed one pair of jeans and wore them frequently. I probably should have brought two. These ones are the Alyssa High Rise Skinny from Abercrombie and Fitch. I find they are the best fit. They were paired with Louise et Cie Andora boots from Nordstrom and a junky knit scarf and sweater in black from Zara. Lastly, my Barbour International Quilted Jacket was a staple! I picked it up in Scotland a few years ago and it has become a repeat wear ever since.

Day Three: I decided to keep I opted for my jeans, Salomon hiking boots, Mulberry Scarf and chunky sweater from Banana Republic.


Day Four: I wore the same items from the day before only I included my REI raincoat and Coach gloves. I actually repeat wear quite a few items 🙂


Day Five: We did some light hiking so instead of boots I opted for Mizuno Wave Rider 18 sneakers in Black/Silver, Under Armour All Weather Legging, my Barbour Jacket, and junky scarf from Zara. I wore a sweater from Zara underneath but in reality it was so cold my jacket never came off 🙂


Day Six: We spent most of the day in the car so there was no need for a jacket however, I did opt for a blanket scarf from De Bijenkorf, sweater from Vanilia, leggings from Abercrombie & Fitch, and hiking boots. The life jacket was complimentary from the boat tour operator and the gloves I “borrowed” from my fiance.


Day Seven: We did quite a bit of hiking so I decked out in Patagonia. It was incredibly warm and comfortable but there will be more details about each individual piece in the Look on Location post!


Day Eight: Was all about Under Armour! I chose All Weather legging, zip up hoodie, and paired it with my hiking boots and Mulberry Scarf. This was the day I definitely could have used a heavier coat. We traveled to the northern most point in Iceland and it was unbelievably windy and cold.


Day Nine: I picked up this awesome cape from Geysir. It is handmade from local wool and unbelievably warm! I can’t wait to break it out again this winter. I layered it over a black chunky sweater from Banana Republic and wore my Zara scarf when out riding. It wasn’t really the temperature so much as the wind which made layering essential.


Day Ten: The last day we picked up a few gifts for friends and family and then was off to the airport. This meant I didn’t have to layer up! I wore my Mizuno sneakers, leggings from BCBG and Eileen Fischer ethically sourced poncho from Nordstrom.

I’ll be posting a packing list soon that will cover everything from clothing to electronics for the perfect 10 day trip!

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  1. Some breath-taking photos – loved it all! You certainly didn’t get your sense of style from me – lol. You looked comfortable and stylish.

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