Thrifted Spring Style

Thrifted Spring Style


“The Ladybug wears no disguises. She is just what she advertises. A speckled spectacle of Spring, a fashion statement on the wing… A miniature orange kite. A tiny dot-to-dot delight”

― J. Patrick Lewis

There is something about thrifted dresses that intrigues me. Who made it? Who originally owned it? Did they love it? Was it thrifted before? I may never get to know the answers to these questions but I get to offer it another chapter in its lifecycle.

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Dress: 1st Dibs (Great resources for thrifted luxury goods with an amazing selection of dresses from around the world)

Earrings: Sweet & Spark (Vintage costume jewelry that has been hand selected and carefully evaluated for craftsmanship. Most made in the USA between the 1950’s – 1990’s)

Clutch: Etsy – Moon River Hand Bags (Online marketplace of second hand goods. Moon River Hand Bags provides authentic, luxury handbags)

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