Breaking Up With Bad Habits

Breaking Up With Bad Habits


It’s almost 2017 and I can’t wait to ring in the New Year! 2016 has kicked my butt a little too much. As tradition states (I’m not sure how this tradition even got started) I went to write down my New Year’s Resolutions. In years past I was definitely going to go to the gym more, or eat healthier, stop buying too much clothing. The list goes on and on! But, this year I wanted to focus on something a bit more tangible but none-the-less important: Breaking Up with Bad Habits. To me, moving forward with a new you in a new year has a lot to do with reflection on the past and changing the little, or big, things I may not like.

To get some help figuring out the best way to break up with those little bad habits we all have I decided to turn to some kick a** ladies across several industries to get their expertise. Here’s what they had to say!

Meg Poh

Stylist at Dellaria Salon

“And so we meet again. A new year approaching and for a lot of us, any or all the pressure to make a change. The world needs a new year; but the change we wish to see will start with who we see staring back in the mirror.

As a stylist, I have the beautiful honor of helping others see their beauty from the inside, out. Through my clients I have learned that a bad habits are just another dead end. We hold onto hair like we do bad habits, afraid to let go of something that makes us comfortable. But everyday we wait, we become more tangled in dead ends. It is as true for the hair as it is the soul. We have to cut our dead ends to keep growing. So start with a trim! One inch is always closer to one less bad habit. The reward to rewarding yourself will inspire the road to a beautiful new year.”

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Jen Dehestani 

Cofounder & In-Home Personal Trainer at JFit 360

“Let’s take, for example, wanting to break the habit of overindulging on sweets: when faced with temptation compare how you would feel if you resist the sweets versus how you would feel if you caved in. Sure, in the short term there is happiness having just enjoyed the sweets, but long term you may feel guilt. Now compare this feeling to how you would feel just having a little or none at all. Perhaps you will feel satisfied and proud for using self control, and your body will feel healthier without the sugar rush.

Letting go of bad habits cold turkey is not for everyone as habits take a while to form and therefore can take time to let go of. Don’t think in black and white / all or nothing extremes.

Stay positive and don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen right away – sometimes long term change happens gradually.”

Cara Bartlett

Cofounder & CEO at Vetta Capsule

“I think in order to break any bad habit, you have to see the big picture. For example, if you just say “I need to stop shopping so much,” that would be hard to do. But if instead you say “I want to build a thoughtful wardrobe, and that requires shopping less, and with more intention” then you have a vision of how and why to make those changes.

When it comes to breaking bad shopping habits, I like to use the analogy of building a house. You wouldn’t go around buying random pieces of wood and different windows, just because they were on sale or you were in a bad mood. You would create a blueprint for the house, and then buy only the materials you needed to complete it. If you can take time to see the big picture, and create a blueprint for a wardrobe you’ll love, it’s much more likely that you’ll be able to quit the bad habit of excessive shopping and start shopping more mindfully.”

Laura Bower 

Owner & Photograher at Fleur Foto Photography

“I have one that I really need to deal with and that is I have a hard time saying no to my clients. I accept work when I shouldn’t and agree to timeframes that are really quite tight. Only very recently have I learned that it’s better to say no and preserve my sanity than to say yes. I have a client whom I adore and while it was so difficult to disappoint them and not be able to agree to a recent request, I knew that it just was not possible to be able to deliver. I had to say no, and it still kills me that I couldn’t say yes. I think all small business owners need to learn that “yes” is not always the correct or best answer for both you or your client/customer. Breaking the habit of first saying yes and then wondering how it will be possible to deliver on your promise is one I am working on.”

Krista Patronick 

ACE & NETA Certified Personal Trainer

“Research has shown that sugar is is just as, if not more addictive, than cocaine. So how do you break your sugar habit after the holidays?

Commit to going cold turkey by donating your treats to others or just throwing them out. If it’s out of your possession, you can’t eat it, right? If you live in a household with others who enjoy sugar – make sure it’s out of your sight. If you find yourself having hard time throwing your holiday indulgences in the trash or giving them up – remember that whether it’s in the trash can or in your body, it’s a waste.

Don’t get caught hungry – make sure you pack plenty of healthy snacks if you’re on the go so you won’t need to reach for something sugary. Nuts, nut butters, sliced veggies or turkey jerkey are all great choices.

Also, make sure you get enough sleep. Many people eat to wake themselves up during the day – whether they realize it or not. Avoid this issue in the first place by turning into bed at a reasonable hour.”

Karen Burzdak 

Founder and CEO Hanu Skin Care

“For me, 2016 was a year of change. One of the important things I decided to do differently was focus on my health. As part of that, I took a hard look at my habit of overindulging on wine and ended up giving up alcohol all together. To help make my resolution stick and to ensure my bad habits would stay in the past, I made sure that everyone around me knew what and why I was making a change. Not only for the support but also to hold my self accountable.”

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year and gained some inspiration from these amazing ladies like I did. 

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