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The Look on Location in Barcelona

The Look on Location in Barcelona


“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”
― Orson Welles

I know I haven’t put up a style post for awhile and that is because I have mostly been sitting behind my desk everyday working on some special projects :). It doesn’t help that the weather has been so gross out either. But, when I was going through a few things I found this quote from Orson Welles and it immediately made me think of Barcelona. That’s when I remembered I hadn’t yet put up the Look on Location from there yet! So here they are!

Here is the thing about this quote and why it made me think of Barcelona: before I left I purchased this amazing hat from Forever21. I’m not really a hat person but style to me is all about experimentation and having fun, so why not give it a try! It was windy, the hat kept blowing off my head, people kept staring and wondering why I just didn’t take it off. The reason I left it on (most of the day) was because I loved it and why should I care what other people think or say. After all, it was my outfit, my style, and my comfort level.

In the end I found out that while I may not like wearing hats on a regular basis wearing one on occasion can truly transform an outfit and how you feel. It really was a lot of fun and isn’t that what fashion is about! There was a laid back elegance to this look which I think would have taken on a different attitude without the hat. The best part though, is that all these pieces can be used for a multitude of looks and definitely work for a daily closet as well as traveling. In the last couple of pictures I tried to show that without the jacket and the hat, the dress is a centerpiece unto itself. Simply adding or taking away one element to this look completely transforms it. 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Outfit Details

Dress: Club Monaco

Jacket: Vince Camuto Faux Leather from Marshalls

Hat: Forever21

Shoes: ASOS Chelsea Boots

Bag: Halston Heritage from TJ Maxx

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