Season 1, Episode 1: Under the Influence

Season 1, Episode 1: Under the Influence

Join hosts Cait Bagby, seasoned sustainability writer and storyteller and Sarah Ferris true crime podcaster and a very green around the gills greenie – (read “Cait’s guinea pig!”)

We are tired of perfectionism in trying to live more sustainably. So we’re here to chat about our own guilt, share our own journeys and just add a bit of levity in our attempts and fails to be more eco friendly.

And it’s fair to say that the failures will often outweigh the successes. We are going to share our own journeys, the good, the bad, and probably the laughable as well.

If you, like Sarah, don’t know your carbon footprint from your tennis elbow but know you can do better for this gorgeous planet that we are pooping all over then you have met your tribe!

And stay tuned for Cait’s challenge of the week, will it end in sunshine and rainbows or be a damp catastrophic wash out?



More of Cait’s work can be found at:

World Threads Traveler – Online resource inspiring consumers to make more conscious and sustainable decisions with an emphasis on alternatives to the mainstream fast fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel industries while also providing educational tools to help raise awareness on the climate crisis.

Climate Collab – Climate conversations podcast series that uses the power of storytelling and personal narrative to illuminate the climate crisis, inspire global change, and realize a healthy and united future.

Cait Bagby – Collection of opinion, interview, and educational articles

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